How can I shop with Esswaap?

Shopping on our site is very easy and safe. You can add your favorite products from the "Add to My Cart" button, list and purchase the products you add via the "My Cart" button. You can start your purchase by clicking on the "Switch to Pay" button to pick up items in your cart. After entering the delivery address and billing information on the opened page, you must enter the information requested from you accurately and completely on the following pages. Your purchase will be completed after you finally have approved your payment.


What is my cart?

It is a personalized area where the products you want to buy are found in bulk after logging into our online store. You can remove the items from your cart or add new products to your cart. The products in your cart are stored for a short time, deleted from your cart with the expiration date and are opened for purchase by our other members.


How do I track my orders?

You can track your orders via the corresponding order number on the "My Orders" page. You can also list your past purchases and view your current shopping status.


Can I add products to my order?

Orders from will be delivered to us online and payment is made automatically during the order creation phase. you will not be able to add products to your order later, as the payment terms cannot be changed.


Can I buy and send gifts from Esswaap to my loved ones?

Esswaap quality and care offered with the opportunity to give as a gift to your loved ones. We deliver your chosen products to your loved ones in the elegant gift packages we have prepared for you. The gift packages do not contain information about the prices and your invoice will be forwarded to your registered email address.


I gave up after I approved my order, how can I cancel it?

In order to cancel your order, your product must not be delivered to the cargo. Otherwise you will need to follow the check-in procedures. For the cancellation of undelivered products, you can call our customer service officer on +903124730074 and submit your cancellation request.  


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