Hakçı Konfeksiyon and Textile Products was established in 1992 in Ankara Ulus Samanpazarı Saraçlar Bazaar, the second largest shopping center established after Istanbul Grand Bazaar in Turkey, to produce, retail and wholesale evening dresses, conservative women's clothing and ready-to-wear garments. Haldun Hakçı, the chairman of the board of directors of the company, is in the textile sector as the third generation.

With the increase in appreciation and demand in the company's products, the Esswaap brand was brought into the company and the sector with the idea of creating a brand suitable for today. The company currently has a 2250 square meter production and storage facility in Balgat, Ankara.
Esswaap brand leads the sector in the production of stylish suits and evening dresses that crown the beauty of women at invitations. It participates in many domestic and international fairs and introduces Ankara ready-to-wear production to the world.
At the same time, it stands out with its feature of being among the first companies that have produced daily wear products in modest style. As a brand that has made innovation, comfort and quality a principle in model production, it brings its products together with brand lovers all over the world as www.esswaap.com. At the same time, it brings its products together with brand lovers at 198 points in 81 provinces in the country and 68 points in 22 countries in the world.


The Esswaap brand has many design registration certificates for its leadership in design, and has received awards from many institutions for the importance it attaches to recycling in production and its support for projects that value society.

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