Our brand Esswaap established in the body of Hakçı Confection and Tekstile Products Ltd Co and obtain patent in 1998. As the establishment date of the company is not clear it has been working for more than 50 years. The official establishment date of Hakçı Confection is known as 1994. The center of Hakçı Confection is in Samanpazarı Ulus open air shopping center in Ankara registered as tailor shop by Ali Hakçı father of Mehmet Hilmi Hakçı and now transferred by inheritence managed by Haldun Hakçı who is the Chairman of Board.

The company is now giving function in designing women outerwear collection, production, wholesale trade, retail store chain and e-trade.

With its 2250 square meter manufacturing plant in Ankara Balgat area the company meet the demands of the customers with its modern and casual and elegant collections changing according to present norms.

Our brand Esswaap the pioneer of modest wear will carry on production due to the needs and novelties of its brand loyals with enthusiasm.


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