Credit Cart Security

The security of your credit card is ensured by SSL encryption technology. On each page where you enter your credit card information, you will see a lock icon at the bottom of your browser. This icon represents the 128 Bit SSL Certificate provided by GlobalSign. In addition, the internet address section will change from http to https on the pages where you enter your credit card information during payment. With SSL technology, when the payment process starts, an encrypted communication is established directly between the user's computer and the bank, independent of the site, and no information you send through your browser is seen by employees or third parties. When you click on the icon that appears as Secure Payment on our site, you can access the records related to our security certificate.

Data Security

All information you provide while becoming a member is protected by the same system in which the product database is protected. undertakes not to disclose the personal and sensitive information collected from users for any reason other than legal requirements, without user consent, not to share such information with third parties or institutions and not to misuse it. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you unsubscribe, all your information will be deleted and will not be used against your will.

User Safety and Privacy

Data called "cookies" are sent to users' web browsers in order to effortlessly recognize users' access to the site and to confirm data security faster. The user can delete or not use these cookies if they wish. The purpose of the cookie is to inform the web server that you have revisited that site. It is a cookie specific to you, does not hold any other information and can only be read from the server where it is saved.

Data Usage uses the general user information (such as name-surname, e-mail, address, telephone) that you enter while becoming a member only to make the services provided by the site more effective or shares them with business partners. These services; such as informing users about price discounts and campaigns, delivering your orders with our contracted cargo companies, invoicing the products or services you have purchased.

Matters to be Considered by the User

In addition to all the security measures taken by the website, it is important that the user also takes some security measures. Such as keeping your browser's security settings at the highest level and up to date, installing the necessary antivirus etc. software, not keeping your passwords or important personal information in writing on your computer.

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Product information/pictures are published on our website in line with the information received from the websites of distributor companies. Our company is not responsible for any problems that may arise at this point. Hakçı Konfeksiyon ve Tekstil ve Sanayi LTD. ŞTİ. reserves the right to make changes in product / picture information without notice. At this stage, you can check whether the product you want to order has the features you want by contacting our company in case of problems you may encounter.

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