What are our Payment Options?

When shopping at Esswaap.com; You can benefit from Single Withdrawal Payment by Credit Card, Installment Payment by Credit Card, Cash Payment at The Door and Wire Transfer/EFT payment options.

The cargo companies we ship charge a service fee of TL 5.90 for payment options at the door. This fee is processed into the accounts of the cargo company and is not refunded if your order is returned.


I can't get payment confirmation even though I have entered all the information i need on the payment page?

If you have trouble paying with a credit card, you should check the following informations.

* The usage limit for your credit or virtual card,

* You can choose the visa or Master card type on your card correctly,

* The expiration date of your card,

* The CVV information written on the back of your card,

* If the card you are using is an additional card, whether it has been cancelled by the motherboard holder,

* Whether there has been a missing persons report in the name of your card and

* We ask that you check that your internet connection is operational during the approval process.

If you think there is a problem other than the foregoing and your problem still persists, call +903124730074 during working hours on weekdays (09.00-18.00) to provide the necessary information and support from our customer service representative you can get it.


Am I safe when shopping with a credit card?

We use the latest technologies and the best service providers for your safety when making purchases with your credit card.

Every page where you enter your personal information has a key mark next to your browser. This key is a sign that any information you send with your browser will be viewed by third parties.

In addition, it is not the first High safety standards apply to all purchases made on our site. ComODO SSL Security Certificate allows you to shop safely on our site without risking your security.

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