The roots of the company date back more than 4 generations, but the beginning that has been recorded and continues to this day is Ali Hakçı. Ali Hakçı practiced the art of tailoring in Ankara Ulus Saraçlar Bazaar, the second largest shopping center of the Ottoman Period and the Republic of Turkey. He passed his inheritance to his son Mehmet Hilmi Hakçı, and from him to his son Haldun Hakçı. Haldun Hakçı lost the bazaar in the great fire disaster in 1992. Hakçı Konfeksiyon was established in the reconstructed bazaar in 1994 and started the period of women's ready-made clothing production, wholesale and retail sales. The company launched the Esswaap brand in 1998 and started a new era. Today, the Esswaap brand continues to produce women's ready-made clothing under the leadership of Haldun Hakçı and also with his childrens.

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